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After a car accident, you’re typically hurting, stressed over getting your car fixed, possibly emotionally traumatized, and wondering what steps to take – contact Vivify Miami, a highly respected car accident chiropractor in Miami, as soon as possible at (305) 661-4775.

We’re a family wellness oriented center who also has a passion for taking really great care of those who have been hurt in car accidents.

As a result there are specific things you can expect from entrusting us with your recovery.


  • We don’t rely on temporary neck and back pain physical therapy that exhausts your benefits and leaves you feeling the same. You’re in pain because your body isn’t functioning well. As with all of our patients, we focus on identifying abnormal function and restoring it. While pain relief isn’t our goal, if we improve your function while you heal, your pain will typically improve and have greater long-term effects.

  • We don’t treat you like a number. All of our patients are treated like our own family. …and accident patients are no exception.
  • The decision to consult us will be the first and only one you’ll need to make. …think you might need an attorney, an MRI, additional specialists’ opinions? We’ve got you covered. We’ve created relationships with a variety of trusted attorneys, orthopedists, neurologists, and other professionals to help you navigate the claims and healing process. By-the-way, we will not work with any professionals not up to our demanding level of service and clinical excellence. Again, if we wouldn’t send our mom to them, we don’t send you to them.

  • We work for your health AND your case. We understand you have concerns regarding the case besides your injuries. As a result, we comprehensively assess your injuries, and document them in a manner that illustrates the true severity of your injuries, so that you will get the proper settlement. Your attorney won’t be squinting to read the hand-written notes, they requested weeks ago. Our easy-to-read, computerized reports are sent to the insurance company or attorney in a timely manner. Our goal is to make everyone’s life easier and better.


GREAT! However, many times injuries don’t become symptomatic for weeks, months, or years. So, please, at least get evaluated. There’s no commitment to care, but:

  1. You’ll at least know if there’s evidence of underlying ligament damage.

  2. You’ll have satisfied the notorious “14 day rule”. This law, designed to save insurance companies money, at the expense of the patient’s health, says that if you don’t visit a health care provider within 14 days of your accident you are ineligible for any PI benefits.


Always get evaluated as soon as possible following ANY accident.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Contact your local car accident chiropractor in Miami at (305) 661-4775.

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    5 days ago by vivify_chiropractic "They ROCK. Plain and simple. Incredibly skilled, kind, and attentive. Since beginning treatment, my back pain has decreased immensely and my mobility is back. I've seen chiropractors before and never met a practice where the doctor treated me EVERY visit. Dr. Coffman has been an incredible help and walked me through every step with patience and a lot of jokes. I appreciate that he took a heavy topic (my back pain resulted from an awful car accident) and broke it down so I felt hopeful and at ease." - D.R.
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    5 days ago by vivify_chiropractic Whiplash is much more than just a little neck soreness. It can have many serious and longterm effects. Please come for an evaluation following even "minor" fender benders, because you don't want chronic neck pain reminding you of this accident decades from now.
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