Neuro-Structural Shift?

What’s a Neuro-Structural Shift?

Of course, no one is perfect. Neurological and structural testing will always vary and may come up short of “textbook” for many healthy people. However, we are looking for a normal range, that would suggest your body has the greatest opportunity to express optimal health. For instance, we know there is a normal range of blood pressure for health individuals. …or that a person’s body temperature should be somewhere very close to 98.6. Most areas of healthcare, as well as many other areas of life established norms are used to assess the status of human function, machines, etc. Just as in your car, you’ll use gauges and warning lights to know when something needs addressed, we use a number of neurological and structural indicators to know when some thing isn’t functioning as it should; heading towards the development of secondary conditions. …even before “pain” appears.Normal Structure

Strong Foundation

Symptoms are the body’s way to warn of dysfunction that has degenerated to a point of serious proportions. Structural shifts, loss of normal spinal motion, and neurological imbalance are three main ways dysfunction can lead to secondary conditions, or symptoms. The human body is a self-healing; self-regulating organism, designed to maintain and heal itself, given its ability to recognize and respond appropriately. At Vivify, our primarily focus is to evaluate dysfunction, that impairs the body’s inborn abilities to maintain its health, so that if has the best chance to function at its highest potential.

This is absolutely the most efficient and cost-effective approach. By getting to the root cause of problems, as opposed to simply covering up the effect (symptom), not only to not have to keep addressing the secondary conditions repeatedly; spending money on more and more expensive treatments, but the end result is greater OVERALL health and a greater expression of LIFE!

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