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An Oasis for Chiropractic Excellence


Our name is who we are. When we were deciding what to name our dream practice in, Dr. Lisa and I were firm on the idea that we didn’t want it to be something vanilla like South Miami Chiropractic or Lakeside Chiropractic, Coral Gables Wellness…etc. We wanted the name, itself, to fully embody our core values and mission.


viv·i·fy v. (vĭv’ə-fī’) 1. to give or bring renewed life or energy to; to breathe new life into.  2. to animate.  3. to enliven; brighten; sharpen; make more lively or intense.


There is no better word in the English language to describe the neurological effects of specific chiropractic care. As many of you understand, our primary purpose isn’t to get rid of any pain or ailment. It’s to jumpstart, reset, and optimize your brain and nervous system function to allow you and your health to be its best. …to awaken your spirit…to enliven your soul!


Every single aspect of the human experience involves nerve function; therefore your spine and nervous system are intimately and directly related to your health, your wellness, your mental and emotional well-being, and as a result, every aspect of every relationship in your life. As a matter of fact, your perception of everything your 5 senses process…whether you see it as good or bad, offensive or flattering…everything you experience, is labelled by your brain and nervous system. Have you ever seen a situation where two people experience the exact same thing, and respond completely differently? The nervous system regulates the filters in which you see the world. A neurologically healthy brain and body will see “reality” for what it truly is; as opposed to living and perceiving through a foggy prism.


When your brain and body are talking to each other clearly, pain and disease improves as a result of improved function. Ill health is simply an interference to normal function. Health is our natural state. If you disrupt normal function, abnormal cells develop, malfunction ensues, and accelerated aging is “normal”.


So you see, fighting disease isn’t the answer. Stimulating and nurturing maximized function is the only true way to optimal wellness.


“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


…An Oasis For Chiropractic Excellence


From day one, we had two primary visions for the design of our practice:

  1. A place where people can feel safe, accepted, and at ease, as soon as they walk through the door. – …A culture made up of equal parts hope, unparalleled customer service, and frivolity. …A comfortable, fun environment where one can let their hair down and feel comforted and embraced among family. Most of all we wanted to create and “Oasis” for which our patients can escape after a stressful day. …A bubble they can enter to forget the troubles of the world, just for a moment.
  2. A stellar clinical experience for our patients. – We thrive on seeing people’s health and lives transform. …seeing pains and illnesses disappear. …seeing energy, vitality, and happiness reappear. Difficult cases…people who have been everywhere and tried everything, to no avail, are what drives us. …and the only way we can help the worst of the worst, and see “normal” cases to a level beyond what most doctors consider “good enough”, is to keep sharpening our skills. Our thirst for learning and developing our clinical expertise is unending. We’re greedy. No matter what is considered acceptable by the rest of the healthcare community, we’re always going to want to see greater and faster healing by our patients.


Our name is our North Star.


Have you ever known of a business that expanded their products or services outside of what you would expect from their name, or they veered from the values inferred by their name? Disaster almost always follows; at the very least trust and loyalty towards that business suffers greatly.


We will not fall prey to such folly. Our name (and tagline), is there as a constant reminder to us and our community of who we are, and who they can always count on us to be.


Vivify Chiropractic is unlike any other healthcare provider. It’s in our name.

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