Ashley Leon

Ashley Leon

Ashley Diana Leon was born in Miami, Florida but raised in Greenville, South Carolina. She comes from a Cuban and Colombian background. She’s experienced the best of both worlds. She’s currently an Occupational Therapy major working towards her degree. She’s an avid athlete. Growing up she would be found outside playing football with the boys rather than inside playing with makeup with the girls. Each time superlatives would be given at school she was always given “Most Athletic”. She took chorus for seven years and really enjoy singing but is now mostly just singing in the shower nowadays. Growing up playing on sports teams instilled the value of teamwork and leadership into Ashley. She is always found as the leader her team. Being an avid babysitter for over 6 years now, her love for children has grown. Mixing sports and children is her dream. In her spare time, Ashley can be found working at Summer Camps and on Mission Trips working with children. It is not unlikely to see children running around and families in our office. Vivify feels like home, and it makes her work there all the more enjoyable.

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