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We are a family chiropractic clinic that practices neuro-structural corrective rehabilitation with practice focuses in scoliosis, auto accident injuries, and prenatal/pediatric care. We also enjoy the “chronic and difficult” cases. We pride ourselves in getting results with people who have “tried everything and been everywhere”, to no avail. Of course, we can’t help everyone, but we sure love to try. …and hopefully point them in the direction of someone who can.

Helping pregnant moms, kids, and people with scoliosis are our primary areas of passion. Tending to their needs are the truest embodiment of “as a tree is bent so it grows”, and we understand the mental and emotional well-being of a nation and, in deed, this world hinges on the physical health of its up-and-coming generation. We don’t take this charge lightly and strive to do our part to make the world a better place.

We also love caring for auto accident victims, because it gives us extreme joy to see patients regain their lives following an accident; we aren’t simply looking to see how fast we can run up the bill and exhaust your benefits by throwing hot packs on your back or having you ride a stationary bike. We fully assess your injuries and neuro-structural function, and then recommend a customized program to get you back to as close to perfect as possible. Sham treatments just to maximize the insurance benefits isn’t how our mamas raised us. :)We operate based on the axiom that money is the byproduct of ethically serving people in a manner that enriches their lives.

Culturally, Vivify is unlike any chiropractic office you’ve ever seen. We take clinical excellence very seriously, and we take cultivating a caring, loving, fun atmosphere, just as serious. Everyone is part of the family here, even though they come from all parts of Miami, including South Miami, Coral Gables, Doral, and Kendall. It’s not uncommon to see patients visiting and laughing like old friends, in our office. Our mission is to ensure everyone leaves happier each time they come in. People look to our clinic as the place they can escape their stresses for just a little bit, and feel comfortable to be themselves, and let their hair down.

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Vivify Chiropractic
7110 SW 40th St
Miami, FL, 33155
Phone: 305.661.4775
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    1 week ago by vivify_chiropractic Good through October 31st!
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  • Shutter Back A condition coined by renowned doctor Joe Coffmanhellip
    5 days ago by vivify_chiropractic Shutter Back: A condition coined by renowned doctor, Joe Coffman, D.C., in which pain and/or dysfunction arises from the installing or uninstalling of hurricane shutters or plywood, tree removal, and/or the resulting emotional stress of hurricane events. Do you have Shutter Back? We can help. Call 305.661.4775 today.
  • Shutter Back affects everyone left in the wake of ahellip
    1 week ago by vivify_chiropractic Shutter Back affects everyone left in the wake of a hurricane? Be it actual shutters, plywood, or downed trees, Shutter Back is a serious condition (Named by Dr. Joe), from which we can help you recover. Hurricanes are stressful. Being away from your chiropractor to tune up your neurospinal system is even worse. We're open normal hours. See you soon!
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    1 week ago by vivify_chiropractic Today is National Concussion Awareness Day. Did you know that vast majority of concussions are caused by seemingly mild car accidents? If you or anyone you know is ever in an accident, please have them come in for a complimentary concussion screening, even if it a "wasn't a bad accident" or you don't remember hitting your head. Undiagnosed or mismanaged concussions can have life-long effects.