Prenatal and Pediatrics

More and more science is showing how spinal function is intimately and directly related to nervous system function. Your nervous system controls and coordinates every function of every organ in your body, and as an expectant mommy, you have an additional “organ”. …a baby!

So not only is chiropractic shown to help with pregnancy pains and ease of delivery, but by maintaining optimal neuro-spinal function throughout your pregnancy, you’re giving your body the best chance to control and coordinate the development of your baby, during this most crucial time.

As a twig is bent, so grows the tree. Sure, your child may not have back pain or any other condition. She probably wasn’t in a car accident. He’s not working a jack hammer or sitting at a desk 40 hrs. per week. HOWEVER, studies have shown, the birth process; even c-section births can be extremely tough on a newborn spine. …and then how many times does a crawling baby take a face-plant? How many times does a new walker fall? How many times will young kids get in a box and ride it down the stairs, jump on a trampoline, wreck their bike, or millions of other crazy things kids do?

The fact is, kids’ spines are exposed to as much or more spinal stress as adults. It’s better to know your child is developing normally than to assume she is. Our goal is to catch kid problems, before they turn into adult problems. …to ensure your little twig grows tall, straight, and strong!

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