The official blog of Vivify Chiropractic

We are proud and excited to announce our new blog, where we will be providing useful information, tips, and advice to easily implement into your daily lives.

One of our core values and mission is to DECREASE one’s dependance on our services. Our fantasy would be to turn our clinic into a Yoga, mediation, and self-improvement workshop center. Of course, that means everyone eats, sleeps, thinks, and acts perfectly, and we all know that’s not so likely. …but we can always dream. So, the more we can teach everyone to avoid the neurological and physical stresses that gets us into states of compromised health, the better. That’s what this blog will be about. It’s not just an apple a day that keeps the doctors away;  a regular diet of “ViviThots” will be your best resource for health and healing.

Topics you can expect to see covered here on a regular basis will, of course, include our primary areas of practice: auto accident pain/injury, scoliosis, and prenatal/pediatric care, but also athletic performance, nutritional supplementation, exercise, cleansing, fasting, stress reduction, peace creation, ergonomics,  and personal improvement. …just to name a few.

So, please keep an eye out for great future posts, and please help us help more people by forwarding the ones you find valuable to all of your friends and family via FaceBook and email.

Get ready to get “Vivified” with “ViviThots”!

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