Dr. Joe was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. and Chattanooga, TN. He has two sisters and a brother. He grew up playing soccer, baseball, basketball, track and field, springboard diving, and cross country running. Although he didn’t begin until his sophomore year, he became an accomplished football kicker and punter, with a personal best of a 54 yard field goal and a 52 yard punting average. In addition, he claims his 289 bowling score and 190 league average as some of his proudest “sporting” memories. He also played symphonic and jazz trumpet for 13 yrs. and toured for a summer with the Cavaliers drum and bugle corps. The Cavalier’s placed 3rd in the world that year. And if that wasn’t enough, he was a Boy Scout for 10 yrs. in which he worked as summer camp counselor for two years and earned the Eagle Scout Award. As you can imagine Mrs. Coffman, was the original “soccer mom”.

Right out of school, Dr. Joe had the honor to practice with his father for4 yrs. before having the opportunity to also learn from his father-in-law for over a year. He states that during his time mentoring with his fathers, he had the joy and valuable experience to care for everyone from infants to 98 year olds; from quadriplegics to professional athletes.

Dr. Joe is the only doctor in South Florida who is certified in the SpineCor scoliosis bracing system (www.spinecor.com, www.scoliosisspecialists.com). He has a passion and sympathy for those suffering with scoliosis and continues to develop not only the SpineCor program but also specific chiropractic rehab protocols to further help with these and other complicated spinal problems.

He also enjoys seeking a variety post-graduate education in “motor vehicle injury management” to better care for those involved in auto accidents. …including diagnosis and management of concussions, disc herniations, and spinal ligament injuries, and MRI interpretation.


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