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Dr. Joe Coffman is the ONLY doctor in South Florida certified to provide the SpineCor bracing system.

SpineCor was developed, with the support of the Canadian government, by two reknowned orthopedic surgeons, for the purpose of helping children avoid scoliosis surgery. Since then, it has displayed a 20-year track record in the scientific literature; as well as clinical case studies of tremendously helping many adolescents permanently stabilize and reduce their curves.

Additionally, as of late, the SpineCor brace is successfully being adapted for adults to provide much needed pain relief and support. Adult studies have shown that 90% of adult patients report pain relief within the first 6 weeks.

To-date, SpineCor has been used in at least 20 countries for well over 10,000 patients, by chiropractors, orthopedists, and other healthcare providers.

SpineCor is the ONLY flexible, dynamic bracing system in use, anywhere in the world today. All other scoliosis braces are rigid, hard-shells. Studies have shown that rigid bracing causes muscle weakness and eventual curve progression in the majority of cases.

The SpineCor brace is designed to balance and strengthen the spinal musculature, optimize spinal loading, and retrain neurological feedback. In this manner, the brace isn’t FORCING the spine straighter. It’s RETRAINING THE BRAIN to activate the muscles necessary for the body to correct itself.

If you need more information about the SpineCor Scoliosis Brace Miami chiropractor Vivify Chiropractic, the only South Florida SpineCor provider certified by Scoliosis Specialists, can provide it to you. Please call (305) 661-4775.

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