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He is the best chiropractor I have ever been to in Miami. I highly recommend him.
Al S.
La atencion excelente, las Senorita del front Desk , muy preocupados por saber como te sientes , muy agradecida con la Dra y el Dr Coffman me Han ayudado mucho , con el dolor en la espalda y el cuello .Definitivamente los los recomiendo.
alicia t.
I am lucky I’ve found a great chiropractor to help me with severe shoulder/neck pain. I would totally recommend this place!
Elise C.
Thank you dr joe for truly caring about me as a whole and educating me on my conditions like no other.
The doctors are professional and caring. They provide excellent service. Definitely recommend them.
Maria C.
Vivify makes you feel peace and helped while you are there. They are a team of balanced Doctors and clerical team.
Daphny O.
Great service and very good wife and husband team Doctors as well the personnel that treat you the way it should be. Is there a 10 rating?
Alvaro L.
Thankfully, they were open and...
P M.
Los mejores ciropracticos en Miami! Fui despues de un acidente de auto y me quede como paciente por siempre. El servicio y la profesionalidad es increible....
elizabeth l.
Vivify Chiropractic is top notch! I have been receiving adjustments for years and I have no complaints. The customer service is great, and my back feels so...
Marilyn M.
Amazing doctors, incredible service! Everyone at Vivify is super nice and helpful. I have been going for years and my back feels so much better! They have......
Kairi R.
They have been very professional and helped so much after my cancer surgery!
Miriam del R.
Vivify has the best service and care they make you feel like you are part of the family. I have improved so much after my accident I feel better and have no...
Dahyana Abigail W.
Excellent care with excellent doctor’s and staff!
Christy A.
Vivify has the best service and the best care! They honestly make you feel like you are family. I love this family and everything the have done for me as far...
Abigail M.
I am forever grateful to have met Dr. lisa and Dr. joe. After my accident I didn't even know how bad I needed to get adjusted. I was in so much pain and my...
Dahyana W.
Vivify Chiropractic has very much helped with my Fibromyalgia. It has been my go-to place after car accidents, and for all my other health problems. Great...
Marilyn M.
In November I will have my 8 year anniversary with Vivify Chiropractic, and believe when I say that they have me for life. I came as a teenager with...
Great service! Professional and effective work environment
Juan G.
The best chiropractor office ever! Worth the drive for the great service.
Chelsey F.
Excellent experience, professional, knowledgeable, kind, and caring! The service is awesome! I highly recommend them!
Dorys P.
Awesome Chiropractors! Caring, knowledgeable and friendly practitioners and staff in a great atmosphere! I would give them 10 stars!
Ivonne M.
Dr. Coffman and his team are nothing but AMAZING. He is a genius in what he does. If your having back problems and need professional help to end your...
Yari L.
Home away from home! Great people, effective treatment!
Marilyn M.
Awesome doctors at this practice!!!!! Great at helping people
Abe O.
Over 4 years ago, my husband couldn't move his right elbow without being in excruciating pain. Then, after a week of being in pain he couldn't move his other...
Samantha C.
I was in a car accident a few months ago...had a lot of neck and back pain...after only one month I feel good as new...I am really grateful to Dr. Lisa and...
Jerika B.
Unfortunately, I have had to see chiropractors before for lower and mid-back pain. The pain lingered for years. Then I started seeing Dr. Coffman. What a...
Debbie R.
The place to have your spinal straigth
Rolando D.
Over 4 years ago, my husband couldn't move his right elbow without being in excruciating pain. Then, after a week of being in pain he couldn't move his other...
Samantha C.
Probably the kindest and most brilliant chiropractor I have ever been to...cannot recommend them enough!!!!
Jerika L.
The best chiropractors I have ever been to. Not only are they incredibly skilled, but they have a bright, energetic, and kind staff that ALWAYS make me feel...
Deborah R.
I've been going to Vivify since my car accident and I cannot do them justice with words...they've followed-up with me throughout our treatment...
Jerika B.
They ROCK. Plain and simple. Incredibly skilled, kind, and attentive. Since beginning treatment, my back pain has decreased immensely and my mobility is...
Deb R.
They are AWESOME...seriously...Dr.Coffman is hilarious and so skillful....If you're considering a chiropractor that actually CARES....they're it!
Jerika B.
My favorite Chiropractors - Dr. Joe and Lisa Coffman, since 2012 I am glad to know Dr. Joe and Dr. Lisa Coffman I will share my experience before and after...
Yolanda C.
I trust Dr. Coffman completely!
Sheryl M.
Dr. Coffman and his team continue to show their professionalism with the care that they give their patients.
Rey D.
I came for an interview and became family! Dr. Joe and Lisa are not only my bosses but they are also my doctors and quickly became family. I honestly enjoy...
Ashley L.
I have been going to these guys for six years and they are the best I have ever gone to in my life.
Rik C.
They are friendly and kind-hearted people who go out of their way to care for the well-being of others. Excellent doctors and excellent care.
Gina C.
Serious best chiropractor I've been to. I don't need anyone else !
Yarilend T.
They are friendly and kind-hearted people who go out of their way to care for the well-being of others. I have been educated on chiropractic care and the...
Ampy S.
Great approach to chiropractic treatment, I have been educated on chiropractic care and the health of my body. The lower back issue I had is practically all...
joel s.
Decades of neck pain and migraines gone! Dr. Joe and Dr. Lisa are personable and friendly, and their treatments continue to work wonders for me. I suffer...
rmh46 c.
Estoy muy agradecida a los doctores Joe y Lisa Coffman por el servicio que me han prestado por mas de cinco años. Debido a mis problemas con mi columna y...
Gioconda C.
They take the time to educate patients regarding the physiological need for, and benefits of, chiropractic care. The doctors and staff are warm and...
Jill G.
DR. Joe and Dr. Lisa are the best in their profession. Guys if your in need or not come in make an appointment don't wait or hesitate. Come in hurting come...
I came into the office after an accident. I had a lot of pain in my arm and lower back. I no longer have pain. The staff is great and the doctors are very...
Emilio C.
Amazing office, amazing service and AMAZING staff! Love Vivify!
Chelsey F.

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