What Can Vivify Do For Me?

Vivify corrective rehabilitation programs are a personalized combination of specific, corrective chiropractic adjustments and spinal rehabilitative activities. Based on your specific needs and goals, we may also make recommendations with regards to nutritional supplements, functional foot orthotics, ergonomics, and stress and peace management.

Based on your specific findings, we will recommend customized programs for you that will best suit your schedule and budget. Just like with anything, the more intensely you apply yourself, the faster and permanent your results. However, because of how our specific protocols are designed, positive LIFE CHANGING results can be experienced with all levels of participation. Many clinics will tell you they can’t help unless you follow their one recommended plan. At Vivify Chiropractic, we know schedules, commitment levels, and budgets come in many flavors; therefore we’ve created ways to help all people in every season of their life.

Lastly, we don’t believe in fixing you, just to throw you back in the frying pan. Just like if you lose weight, if you go back to all your same habits, you’ll be back in the same situation before you know it. We don’t want that to happen to your neuro-structural health, and we don’t want you to be dependent on coming to see us everyday to keep you well. One of our core values is to empower our patients to the point they need us LESS; not more. “What?! Doesn’t that hurt your business?” Absolutely not. #1. It’s simply the right thing to do things. #2. It keeps people healthy; while saving money. Healthy people, saving money, refer lots of their friends and family who like to get and stay healthy, and save money. So, we teach you strategies and create care plans to protect the corrections you work so hard to achieve. …appropriately named “Protection Plans”.

In summary, can we heal your pain, condition, or disease? Nope. No one can. All healing comes from within. All the best healthcare practitioners focus on figuring out what is obstructing the body’s ability to function, regulate, and heal the way it’s designed. Why do we love what we do and think it’s the best approach to health restoration? NOTHING happens in the body without neurological involvement; therefore even if you may also need to address other aspects of your lifestyle, because the nervous system is so all-encompassing, there is a massive possibility, our work will improve your life. So, our job is to figure out if and how your neuro-structural system is keeping you from being your best, correct it and protect those corrections as much as possible, and allow your nervous system to direct the healing and regulation process without disruption. We’ve witnessed amazing healings by simply helping to ensure the nervous system is kept in a maximized state. There’s always hope. We look forward to meeting you.

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