Learn about the powerful interaction between the nervous system and the immune system and how chiropractic care contributes to healthy nervous system functioning.  Subluxations, or misalignments of the neck and spine, prevent the nervous system from effectively communicating with the immune system. At Vivify Chiropractic Center in the Coral Gables area, the chiropractors can adjust subluxations in your child’s spine to improve spinal function/movement and enhance nervous system performance. With a healthy nervous system, your child’s immune system will be empowered to effectively fight off infection and disease.

Research on Chiropractic Treatment for Boosting the Immune System

The impact of chiropractic care on the immune system has been documented in various scientific studies.  One study examined 81 kids with asthma who were receiving chiropractic treatment for two months. Children were evaluated based on their responses to questions on an asthma impairment questionnaire.  They completed the questionnaire before initiating treatment and at the conclusion of two months of chiropractic care. 90.1% of the kids self-reported significant improvement in their asthma symptoms after 60 days of treatment. A 44.9% decrease in asthma attacks was reported by twenty-four of the patients who had experienced asthma attacks one month before receiving chiropractic care. Furthermore, while receiving chiropractic treatment, 30.9% of the children decreased their medication dosage by an average of 66.5%.

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Evidence of Communication between the Nervous and Immune Systems

At the University of Rochester School of Medicine, Dr. Robert Ader conducted experiments to explore the communication between the brain, nervous system, and immune system. These studies revealed that the tissues of the immune system contain nerve endings and that the nervous system is connected to the bone marrow and the organs in the body where immune system cells are created and stored. Furthermore, there is a two-way communication between the central nervous system and the immune system. Therefore, changes in the central nervous system are reflected in the immune system and changes in the immune system trigger an effect in the central nervous system. Moreover, immune system cells receive messages from the nervous system through a receptor structure on their surface. This receptor is like a satellite dish that receives signals.

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The Importance of Chiropractic Treatment for Infants and Children

Because of this constant dialogue between the central nervous system and the immune system, chiropractic care is essential for children since it corrects subluxations which interfere with this vital communication. A subluxation is like static on the radio which prevents you from clearly listening to music or information. With regular checkups and adjustments, the static disappears, allowing the immune system to tune into the messages of the nervous system.

According to Dr. Darragh, “Chiropractic for kids is vital. Children today have many more obstacles to face than they may have had 20 to 25 years ago.” Furthermore, many health/spinal issues experienced by adults may have been caused during childhood and even during the birthing process. The modern birthing process involves a massive amount of pressure and stress on the neck. During a normal birth, doctors may need to twist the head in order to pull the shoulder out, applying between 40 to 70 pounds of pressure.

According to studies, this may damage the neck and cause nerve damage.  In more complicated situations, such as when the baby is trapped in the birth canal, the use of a vacuum or forceps injures the head and neck. Through research, Gottfried Guttman M.D “found that spinal injury was present in more than 80% of the infants he examined shortly after birth.” As a result of these injuries, the nervous system is compromised leading to a weakened immune system and newborn health issues such as breathing problems, allergies, chronic infections, and many more. Because of the trauma of the modern birthing process, it is important for infants to be examined by a chiropractor.

Following birth, various developmental phases such as when infants raise their heads, sit, crawl, and walk, may cause subluxations.  As kids grow, they become more physically active with activities such as running, skating, and biking, and they experience more falls and injuries. Therefore, it is important to continue chiropractic evaluation and treatment. Correcting these subluxations on a regular basis optimizes nervous system functioning and promotes a balanced and strong immune system.

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