To me, it’s as simple as “as a twig is bent, so grows the tree”, both literally – structurally and figuratively – neurologically.
More and more research is always coming out; talking about how ill-health conditions take years or decades to develop; many times, long before there are any overt signs.
The nervous system controls and coordinates every healthy function of the body, and an optimally positioned and functioning spine is directly related, and is responsible for the most influence on proper neurological activity. This is due to the high density of mechanoceptors in each of the 24 vertebra.
The brain is constantly collecting data and producing directives based on that data.
Abnormal spinal motion = abnormal input = abnormal brain decisions = a breakdown of homeostasis
and normal physiological function = pain, conditions, disease processes.
So, the earlier anyone, baby or adult, checks and maintains their neuro-spinal health, the greater long-term health benefits they’ll receive. Because of all of this, I believe it’s the single best thing you can do for you child. By the way, it’s a very gentle process. We’ve adjusted tons of sleeping babies who never even woke up.
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